College Quest: The Search, The Selection, The Move, The Journey

Many of my friends have made this journey, and now, I am about to join them!  As a mom to a rising high school senior and a rising junior, the time has come for me to take my head out of the sand and accept the inevitable (sniff, sniff).  Unlike the early 80’s when I was looking for my dream college, the resources and information available at the click of a button is both incredible and incredibly overwhelming.  My desire is to create a little space here where I can share and you can share with me and my readers survival tips, checklists, suggestions, warnings and any other pertinent information that might make this experience a little easier for us all.

While I will be sharing my posts on this page, definitely head over to Pinterest and follow me (or at least follow my College Board) because I am pinning like crazy!  Also, if you have content to share (posts, blogs, bloggers, resources, etc…), please reach out to me via my Contact Page.  I would love to see it and share it.

So….here we go…..

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