Paleo--you mean "the caveman diet"? Wasn't that just some fad that came and went? Can anyone really stick to that long term? No bread, no sugar, no pasta, no cheese = no fun!

You have probably heard or even thought some of these things when you hear the word "paleo", and I am guilty as well. Through lots of research and reading, however, I have come to appreciate this as a lifestyle approach to eating that may not always be perfect but is definitely mindful. I would like to share some of the basics here, but I strongly encourage you to refer to the resources I've listed to learn more.

The Philosophy

  • The paleo diet is a focus on eating natural, whole, real food that is widely available with little or no processing and nutrient dense.
  • It is an effort to go back to eating how we’re biologically designed to eat like our ancestors (hence the caveman mascot) before modern agricultural and processing practices became the norm.
  • The guiding principle is that if you can hunt or gather it, you can eat it.
  • Our bodies are less efficient and probably were not designed to metabolize a diet high in sugar, grain, or processed foods.
  • Many people find the paleo diet to be an effective method for losing fat because it turns your body from a primarily carb-burning machine into a fat-burning machine.
  • For long-term success, however, it is best to consider eating Paleo a lifestyle versus a diet!


Foods Allowed

  • Meats- beef, veal, bison, lamb, pork, venison (grass fed vs. grain fed)
  • Chicken and Eggs
  • Fish and Seafood- wild caught
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Tubers- in moderation, sweet potatoes and yams
  • Healthy fats- avocado, coconut, olive oils, grass fed butter, ghee
  • Nuts and seeds- no peanuts (legume)

Foods to Avoid

  • Grains
  • Legumes
  • Dairy- some exceptions based on lactose tolerance
  • Soy and soy products/derivatives
  • Processed seed and vegetable oils
  • Refined sugar and sugar additives
  • Breads and Pastas
  • Processed foods

Paleo Resources

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