READY OR NOT! Here comes my Review

Book Basics

150+ New Paleo Recipes

Michelle Tam and her husband, Henry Fong established their gastronomic dominance in the Paleo world first with their blog, then came their app, a cookbook, and a delightful podcast (if you haven’t listened, check it out HERE).

Ready or Not!, their newly released 2nd cookbook, follows the same theme of cooking delicious, paleo recipes that the entire family can enjoy, but this time they take it one step further.  They focus not only on the importance of eating healthy but also on the importance of cooking at home which, let’s face it, can sometimes seem overwhelming and down right impossible!

However with their funny, honest, and upbeat approach, I felt much more empowered to grab this book and head to the kitchen.  In fact, twice this week I did just that.  I looked to see what I had in my fridge and pantry, browsed through Ready or Not!, and put together a delicious meal in less than 45 minutes.  That’s a kitchen HOME RUN!

Table of Contents


Not Traditional but Well Planned

Unlike most cookbooks that are organized based on the traditional “appetizers to desserts” model, Ready of Not! is broken up into chapters based on your READINESS level.  Sometimes your mentally prepared to cook everything completely from scratch, but other times you might have a short amount of time to use what’s on hand (like me) to come up with a healthy, quick meal.

The table of contents is a quick guide to finding the section based on your level of readiness, but I found the index incredibly helpful in locating recipes based on the ingredients that I had available.  Either way, you can find a well designed, easy to understand recipe quickly.

Stunningly Easy & Delicious Recipes

Beautiful photos with step-by-step cooking instructions

I am totally not kidding when I say this could be a legitimate coffee-table book.  You can see that Michelle and Henry went to incredible lengths to produce a high quality book.  It contains 345 full color pages of carefully constructed, beautifully photographed recipes.  I cannot even begin to say how many photographs it contains, but it seems that each step in the recipe has a detailed photograph to go along with it!  The prep time and ingredient list are the first thing you see, and the chapters are color coded based on the readiness level.  Every detail, including an adorable red grosgrain ribbon bookmark, has been carefully considered.

I LOVE the fun, comic book feel with the family embodied in cute cartoon characters guiding you through the process.  Part of the beauty is that it’s a very approachable cookbook that even my two teenage daughters (total cooking novices) have been interested in using.

Bottom line is that I would highly recommend this book for all levels of abilities whether you are paleo or not (which we are not).  I guarantee you will enjoy reading and cooking out of it for many meals to come.