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Welcome! Out of 227 million food blogs (plus another couple million travel) you found me, and let's just say I'm THRILLED.

My name is Rana Hill, and I am proud to be a foodie, a dietitian, a wife and mom, a farmer's daughter, a lover of travel, and now a blogger. I have designed The Foodie Edit to be a collection of some of the BEST Food and Travel writing in the blog-o-sphere...a CURATION of websites/posts/recipes/authors worthy of a click and a virtual visit. Also along the way, I will be sharing some of my own personal favorites, secret tips, snarky commentary, current obsessions, and lists...lots of lists!

I hope you will find something interesting, entertaining, and helpful here at The Foodie Edit, and PLEASE feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

My Journey (Personal and Professional)

Currently, I live in Chattanooga, Tennessee with my husband (Scott), my two daughters (Allison, 18, and Lauren, 16,), and Zac, our persnickety Springer Spaniel.  My food journey started, however,  on my family’s farm outside Dalton, Georgia (yes, Carpet Capital of the World).  I’m a proud graduate of The University of Georgia (GO DAWGS) where I majored in Dietetics and Institutional Management.

For 10 years, I practiced as a Registered Dietitian with specialties in pediatrics and enteral/parenteral nutrition support.  My love for nutrition also took me into the corporate world as a manager, educator,  marketer, and a field trainer, but my career path became a little more circuitous with the birth of my girls.  When they went to preschool, so did I!

I served as the Director of Admissions and Public Relations for an Independent Episcopal School where, once again, FOOD became another mission.  Our school was the first in the area to partner with Whole Foods for our lunch service and also the first to have an organic garden that served as a “nature’s classroom”.  When the girls moved on to middle/high, so did I!

I spread my wings as a Strategic Planning and Marketing Consultant which has ignited  many new passions for me including the role of TECHNOLOGY…shout out to my first consulting client, TechTown. I am fascinated with all things INTERWEB, so I decided to marry my forever passions (food/nutrition/travel) with my new passion, technology.  Hence, The Foodie Edit was born!

Our Autism Journey

Our oldest daughter, Allison, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Level 1 (which was formerly called Asperger’s Syndrome) as a teenager.  Although we had various other diagnoses, a formal autism was always elusive…something that is very common with GIRLS on the spectrum.  I am super proud of her accomplishments, and we are very excited as she prepares to graduate high school and is off to college in the fall.

Rather than me try to tell her story, it’s better to hear it from her!  She recently gave her Senior Speech to her fellow upperclassmen (all 400+ of them) at Baylor School in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  You can watch is here (it’s about 7 min).  If you like it, please share it with others who might benefit from a little encouragement.

I'm Different, There I Said It

Fun Facts

  • Podcasts are my jam — any time, all the time! Drives my kids nuts.
  • My lucky (and favorite) number is 19.
  • I adore costume jewelry, which I usually call junk jewelry.
  • Everything is better with Almond Flavoring..icing, soap, lip balm…
  • I’m a candle junkie; three wicks are the bomb.com.
  • I still give my girlfriends mixtapes– hey I grew up in the ’80s.
  • “Looks for Less” makes me so very happy!
  • I’m in love with truffles.
  • Queen is my favorite band of all time–I mean has there every been another Freddie?
  • I suffer from a serious binge-watching disorder.

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