College dorm move-in day is quickly approaching for both first-time and returning students.   It can be an incredibly overwhelming time for those moving and for the family watching them go (sniff, sniff). Likewise, downsizing to a small dorm room that most likely is now a shared space for two is equally stressful and a bit confusing.  How do you get ALL your stuff in that tiny little space??  If this is your first experience living in a dorm, I have created a checklist to help with the packing process. Some items are a necessity while others are optional and help make your space a bit more homey and comfortable.

My goal is to create a streamlined way to make sure you have everything you need that first day.  Have no fear, though! Inevitably something will be left behind, forgotten, overlooked, and luckily a quick trip to the local “mega-store”, grocery store, or corner pharmacy will save your day.  Remember, these are some of the most exciting times, so let’s make sure you are well-prepared.

College Dorm Master Packing Checklist