Discover a home away from home in Travel + Leisures’ #1 U.S. destination, Charleston!  No matter your travel style, luxury to laid-back, grounded to glamorous, or all things in between, the Holy city has something for everyone.  Planning your itinerary?  Check out these 99 things to do during your visit to Charleston (plus 1 hidden gem).  Whether you are a foodie, a historian, a parent, a romantic, a trendsetter, or an explorer looking for some outdoor adventure, having a Charleston Bucket List is a “must” to make sure you don’t miss a THING.  Choose from popular attractions,  national monuments, museums, historical mansions, building, and sites, plantations, parks, beaches, or tons of outdoor activities to complete your adventure.  Ready? Set?  Let’s go!

99 Things to Do in Charleston

Attractions & Sights

My Charleston HIDDEN GEM IS....

The Zucker Family Sea Turtle Recovery and Sea Turtle Hospital

Located inside the South Carolina Aquarium, The Zucker Family Sea Turtle Recovery experience brings the once behind-the-scenes efforts to rehabilitate and release sea turtles to the forefront with a major exhibit on the first floor.  Now all can watch the process of rescuing and  rehabilitating sick and injured sea turtles and learn about the importance of having these majestic creatures in our oceans.  I consider this a MUST – SEE!  Augmented reality technology enables guests to test their veterinary skills with mock sea turtle patients…how cool is that.  Once a separate purchase, the Sea Turtle experience is part of the general admission ticket.  Please consider visiting and supporting this important mission.

So, that wraps up my recommendations, but make sure to stretch them out.  In other words, give yourself a great reason to come back soon!  Plenty of adventure is sure to be waiting.