Yes, I know.   All my dietitian friends are cringing;  the video producers made the classic spelling error – a “c” for the “t”.  I, unlike my first college professor, am going to give them a pass because I love this video so much.  Kudos to the people over at Funny or Die.  They have managed to summarize 30 years of nutrition education angst in roughly 4 minutes!

As many practicing medical professionals will say, it is very difficult to council patients on healthy eating practices only to have the guidelines change.  It does highlight the complexity of diet, health, lifestyle, chronic disease, and genetics and how all play a role.  My mantra continues to be “All in moderation”.  I think the healthiest diet is one that has  varied and  balanced food choices combined with an active lifestyle.

In reality, there is no magic pill, food, or diet that will ever fit universally only a lifestyle that can be sustained for the long term.  Healthy eating is a classic tortoise and hare story…slow and steady will win the race!