Random Crushes

Sometimes you just find something you love…a saying, a person, a book, a place, a food, a moment…..  I call these “random crushes”.  Here are a few of my current ones:

  • themomedit — This site has single handedly rescued my serious lack of style recently!
  • World Market – I love kooky, quirky cards and stationary, and World Market has some great things, especially for your crazy girlfriends.
  • Catstudio – This couple makes the most beautiful tributes of iconic cities, colleges, and geographical hot spots printed on dish towels, glass/cups, and embroidered pillows.  I collect the dish towels which also make great gifts.
  • Asperger’s/High Functioning Autism Support – As a mom to an aspergirl who is about to graduate from high school, I am thrilled about programs like these:
  • Maptote Cotton Bags“Fun schematic maps of various cities featuring their neighborhoods, icons and landmarks, adorn these simple cotton totes, making it easy to be green.” – Lonny Magazine.  I LOVE my Napa double wine tote, and these make awesome gifts, too!
  • Very Well Fit Recipe Nutrition Calculator – This is such a great tool for creating a nutrition label for your recipes.  Copy and paste your ingredient list and then create the label.

Have a random crush you would like to share?

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